SEMI AUTO CHEMISTRY ANALYZER Features: Continuously adjustable grating, 1nm by step adjustment. Large color LCD display, with touch screen. Large memory, USB port for data transfer. Westguard Multi-rule, 3 kinds of QC level. Displays the reaction curve in real-time Reagent-open system supports flowcell and cuvette mode, close system on request. Analytical modes include kinetic, two point, biochromatic end point with or without reagent blank or sample blank, linear or non-linear calibration curves. Powerful QC program:Westguard rules, Levely-Jennings plots, 2 control per test. Multiform results output including patient comprehensive report. Multi-interfaces support RS-232, VGA, USB, SD and Ethernet Parameters by Model

Analizador de Química Semiautomática

SKU: YR02200

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